The PerplexxX-App Game Series is a collection of criminal mystery hunts, easily enjoyed at HOME and at ANY TIME. To complete these games you will require the ClueKeeper APP on your smartphone or other device.

Additionally, you will need to print a few A4 pages neccessary for the hunt. (see PDF file, black & white printing is sufficient)

It is possible for all puzzles to be solved by one single player, but it is always more fun playing with others.

You can use two different smartphones/devices simultaneously.

A variety of tools (such as Google, or even good old fashioned pen & paper…) can be used to assist you in solving the puzzles. In fact, these tools are sometimes necessary.


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Recommended for 16 years and older!

This hunt plays on ClueKeeper

  • Purchase the game
  • You will receive an email from ClueKeeper with a hunt code
  • Download the App (ClueKeeper APP)
  • Create a User (you could also play as a guest in guest mode, but we recommend that you create a User Account)
  • Insert the hunt code
  • Start the game and start puzzling (a fully charged smartphone would be to your advantage)


ADRENALINE PART I- Without a Trace