It is the year 1927. Post World War I, Austria still finds itself in crisis.

Recently in Vienna, mounting unrest and conflict among groups of citizens lead to a massive revolt. As a result, the furious crowd successfully set the Palace of Justice ablaze. In the small Tyrolean City of Schwaz, the outlook is no better. Resentment is intensifying throughout ‘the city of silver.’

In a hush-hush operation, thieves have managed to raid the local treasure chamber and seize the silver supply. Shock in the community runs deep, and the police are overstretched. It comes to your attention that the thieves have left a clue. It indicates the involvement of a small Italian eatery located on the periphery of Schwaz. Upon closer inspection, it turns out to be a hideout for local Mafia figures.

Now is the time to be both courageous and determined. A brilliant mind is required. Can you recover the silver treasure? The suspects have abandoned the safety of their nest – but best hurry up. They will return in 60 minutes…

physical activity
stress factor



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