PhobiaYou moved to Innsbruck six months ago, and adore the lifestyle that your new home city offers you. The modest villa in which you live is located in the idyllic district of Saggen, with glorious views of the Nordkette. Everything is perfect. Almost everything….

There is ONE thing that you simply cannot dismiss. A curiosity that you cannot shake, that continues to go round and round and round in your mind. Your neighbor.

The old man with whom you share the villa. You have not spoken to him as yet. He is intensely private and continues to ignore all your attempts at a conversation or exchange. He leaves you feeling very unsettled. He is odd. Suspicious. Sinister even. You start to watch him more and more closely, and slowly you become more and more obsessed.

Every night at precisely 6:00pm, he leaves his house and goes for an evening walk. He always carefully locks his front door, and hides his house key under the little garden dwarf standing on the window sill beside the entrance. He walks for exactly one hour each evening, returning to his door at 7:00pm.

What is he hiding? What is his secret? You look at your watch. 5.55pm. Today is the day. You will seize your chance to reveal the mystery surrounding the old man. You must find out what he is hiding in his house. You have exactly 60 minutes – but be careful! After all, you have no idea what awaits you behind that door…..

Do you have the nerve?

A room with an unexpected ending, guaranteed. Providing you make it to the end…




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